Michael's first day at P.S. 858, room 501-B, quickly went from bad to worse.  Not only did he have to deal with all of the nerves and anxiety that starting a new school brings, but he is grouped with two other newbies who behave so bizarrely that others simply believe they are foreign.  Quickly, Michael learns that Jennifer and Bob are foreign, but not from another country.  Jennifer's main form of speech could be compared to a WWE wrestler and Bob speaks mostly in TV commercial slogans.  They're from another planet and they feed on TV and radio waves from Earth.  Their mission?  To convert 3.14 (+1) million human brainwaves into a giant SPHDZ (acronym for "Spacehead") wave to keep Earth from being "turned off"  and ultimately depriving them of nourishment.  Naturally, their leader is a hamster: Major Fluffy.

Agent Umber, a lackluster veteran of the Anti-Alien Agency (AAA), has caught on to the aliens and is using Michael as his guide.  Michael wants to help Earth, but is unsure what to do.  Would Earth be saved by turning in the aliens to the AAA, or by helping to collect the brainwaves?

Recommended by Jennifer Carter


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