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Zane lives in a world of technology; even he is wired himself to his room.  His room can tell him his heart rate, his glucose levels, and even the exact amount of time he has until he needs to go to the bathroom.  His dog, Hugo has a computer chip implanted in him that can tell the vet, Dr. Gristle, if there are any health problems before they become an issue. Any animal without a computer chip will be sent to Cyberia, a place that has no technology and is inhabited by humans.  One day, Zane plugs into a device, the Gizzard, and this unexpectedly allows Zane to communicate with his dog.  What Hugo has to say isn't about belly rubs and snacks, it's about the vet, Dr. Gristle and the terrible experiments he is doing on animals.  Hugo wants Zane to help him and the other animals get away from Dr. Gristle and to be free.

Recommended by Tracy Alexander


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