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This book was a bit like reading one long, continuous column by Mr. Friedman in The New York Times. The authors map out a challenging future for Americans--work harder, learn more, earn less--in a highly competitive world. There's also an emphasis on becoming more innovative in one's job in order to keep it. Some of the examples border on silly, for example, a waitress who serves up extra fruit on waffles is supposed to be an example of an empowered employee of the future. Really? What's best about this book is the authors' global perspective in reminding Americans that we are not the only ones striving to work hard and get ahead in the 21st century, so as a nation we must ramp up our game in terms of education, infrastructure, and a sense of national purpose and cooperation. Overall, the book is a good and thoughtful reminder that the old status quo is gone and it wouldn't hurt for us all to examine how we (and our children) hope to keep alive the American Dream in the decades ahead.

Recommended by David Healey


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