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The American fascination with all things King Arthur has always been, well, fascinating to me. I myself have been there, done that, bought the Mists of Avalon, First Knight and King Arthur t-shirts and washed them. (If you haven't seen any of these excellent productions I have mentioned, please do. No seriously. Go watch them. I'll wait.)

In the BBC's Adventures of Merlin series, a new spin is offered--a la Smallville. (Again, another show worth checking out.) Imagine Arthur before he is King, before he knows who Merlin really is, and before Camelot has reached its destiny. As young adults, the struggles become somehow more familiar, more human, and a little more like high school. Albeit a very medieval, uptight high school--that serves magic for lunch.

Come for the intriguing premise, but stay for the excellent acting and buddy-cop like friendship of Arthur and Merlin. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be delighted to see their beloved Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), here portraying Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon. And for those who love the Harry Potter series, there is much here to like, both by way of mystical storylines, and familiar cameos. Start with season one, and let it simme--it starts off very simply and then layer upon layer is added to ratchet up both suspense and involvement. Then allow the fascination to begin once again.

Recommended by Jill Cluff


David HealeyPosted April 10, 2012

The special effects are sometimes just this side of campy, but we love this story of Merlin and his friendship with Arthur. Plus, the whole family can watch it and enjoy it together. Highly recommended!

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