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In 1953, Penny is enjoying her summer listening to baseball games on the radio, eating butter pecan ice cream and hanging out with her best friend and cousin, Frankie. Penny's life sounds pretty perfect, except she is missing one important thing in her life, her father.   Penny's father's death has always been a mystery to her.  No one, including her mom, will tell her how he passed away, but she knows that somehow her favorite uncle is involved. Penny lives with her overly protective mother (who has started dating the milkman!) and her grandmother and eccentric grandfather. But Penny prefers to be with her father's side of the family because is there is her beloved Nonny, too many uncles to count that lavish her with gifts and lots of yummy food.   A terrible accident lands Penny in the hospital and while she is the hospital she finds out the truth of her father's death. 

Recommended by Tracy Alexander


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