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Imagine escaping the life that's been planned for you to be trained as a secret assassin. That's reality for 17-year-old Ismae, a girl from a small town in Brittany in 1485. Ismae runs away from an arranged marriage and ends up at the convent of Saint Mortain, the god of death. While there, she is trained in the use of weapons and poisons, all the tools of a good assassin. One of her first assignments causes her to cross paths with Gavriel Duval, one of the Duke's illegitimate sons, and she is drawn into the intrigue and plots of Brittany's high court. Unprepared for the scheming all around her, Ismae must rely on her intuition to guide her actions.

Ismae has sworn her allegiance to Saint Mortain, but her loyalties are tested when the convent's instructions clash with what Ismae feels is best for the future duchess, Anne. Ismae thinks she has found an ally in Gavriel, but the convent continues to raise suspicions regarding his involvement in the plots against Brittany. With threats to the future duchess arising from many directions, Ismae must determine who she can trust and who she can't before it's too late. What will Ismae do when Gavriel finds himself in Death's crosshairs?

Filled with court intrigue and romance, Grave Mercy is historical fiction both teens and adults will enjoy.

Recommended by Amanda Krumrine


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