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Any Marylander will be intrigued by this collection of "true" sightings of strange creatures across the Old Line State in this new book by Ed Okonowicz. I remember some of the excitement about the "Snallygaster" or bigfoot sightings around Sykesville back in the 1970s. For years, those rumors and stories persisted about a two-legged, hairy monster that terrified dogs and lurked around farms. It seemed something to laugh about until you were traveling one of those dark, woodsy back roads along the Patapsco River! The chapter about Chessie presents some interesting theories about this oft-sighted creature possibly being an anaconda or python escaped from the hold of a cargo ship. I've always been a fan of this local author's books, and once again, Mr. Okonowicz has written an entertaining and well-researched book that will spark some memories, make you wonder, and keep you looking over your shoulder at night!

Recommended by David Healey


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