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I have to admit that I hadn't heard any advance press about this stunner by Gillian Flynn before having read it. I had not read her previous works of fiction when I saw the book on the shelf, I liked the cover, read the jacket and took it home. However, now that I'm finished and actually re-reading the book having checked it out a second time, I have to agree with its current placement high atop the bestseller lists for fiction. This book starts out simply enough. It's the fifth wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy Dunne and they are making plans to celebrate...or are they? Amy has suddenly vanished and all-American Nick looks more and more culpable in the wake of her disappearance through a series of social gaffes and missteps. The author's fine writing keeps you guessing as you look at Amy's diary entries throughout her relationship with Nick from the first blush of new love until soon before her disappearance when they certainly seem less enamored of each other. This novel takes an intimate look at not just the Dunne's marriage, but about marriage in general with all the sacrifices that married couples make and the disappointments they sometimes feel. It leaves you wondering how well anyone really knows anyone really and just what we may be capable of.  For those who enjoy suspense, the many twists and turns of this book will definitely keep you guessing--and reading.

Recommended by Cheryl Finnan


djPosted September 6, 2012

Wow, what twisted minds! This is the type of story that I will continue to think about days after I?ve read the last page. This is a good read if you enjoy psychological thrillers. I would like to read a sequel to this story!

PWPosted August 8, 2012

I am looking forward to reading this book. I checked out Sharp Objects and Dark Places first. I love finding new authors that know how to tell a story.

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