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Every once in a while you read a book that delivers more than you thought it would. It's touching, refreshing, relevant and humble. "Every Day" is that book, and one of the very best young adult books of 2012.

Fans of the dramatic, romantic, and slightly fantastic will enjoy Levithan's blend of realistic fiction with a unique twist: for your entire life, you wake up every day in a different body. Male or female. Fat or thin. Sober, high or sometimes even suicidal. You are borrowing other people's lives for one day, and only one day, so how would this affect your life and relationships? As a reader, you will be happy you are you after reading this. Someone else's shoes, it turns out, can be hard.

The main character, "A," has never had a mother, father, or gender of his/her own. "A" is a consciousness that will never have just one body, and that concept might make your brain implode if you think about it too hard. The twists are fresh, and the other characters are also wonderfully real and damaged. The deep philosophical undertones might turn off some readers, but for most modern teens, this book offers an ocean of shimmering interpretations.

If you enjoy John Green's "Looking For Alaska" or "The Fault in Our Stars," or other reads that are tragically beautiful, this is a MUST READ.


Recommended by Matthew Lowder


LMMPosted December 3, 2012

How unique! This is going on my to-read list right away.

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