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Karen Walker's first novel is a mild sci-fi about the world slowing its spin--adding minutes and eventually hours to each day. This is not going to end well for the planet. If it sounds too apocalyptic for you, rest assured that this backdrop is filtered through a girl's coming-of-age that never feels plastic. It's a bittersweet and reflective book, asking: if [fill in the blank] happened to our world, whatever it may be, how would we react?

The book flows with steady stream-of-life revelations and seems well researched as far as what the government would do and what the scientific effects on the earth would be (like animals dying, crops failing, and gravity shifting). The characters are interesting and likeable. Overall, this is a book of vivid prose and subtle plotting, picking apart the tumultuous period between childhood and adulthood, a time made scarier by the book's premise of global catastrophe.

While this book has been marketed to adults and is housed in the adult fiction section, it's also a fantastic read for teens.


Recommended by Matthew Lowder


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