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Bully is one of the most difficult documentaries I've ever made myself watch. It's tragic, cruel, and is one of our country's chronic issues. Regardless of skin color, income, or what county you live in, bullying doesn't just happen during the hours school is in session. Thanks to social media and cell phone texting, kids can harass 24-hours a day now. It's the mental abuse that is crippling them, not just the after school beatings.

In this documentary, you will see how different kinds of kids from various socio-economic status are targeted. What is most heart-breaking is how much could be avoided peacefully with simple communication; and on that front, everyone is to blame: The kids don't talk to the parents, the parents don't pry into the schools enough, the administrators and principals are dishonest or think "kids will just be kids." If this documentary was 90 minutes of pain, anger, and tears for me personally, I can only imagine the lifetime of aching the parents must feel when their kids end their own lives due to bullying.

Watch this important documentary if you are thinking about having kids, or have kids, or work at a public school.


Recommended by Matthew Lowder


D. NicholsPosted March 8, 2013

I just watched this and forced my kids to watch it with me. At first they balked, saying, "I am not bullied, or have ever bullied anyone." From the first moment, they watched in silence and I gripped a box of tissues. What made me the most angry/upset is the way the school administrators handled every case WRONG! I truly hope that every kid and parent out there will watch this and if you aren't the victim or the bully, at least you may feel the compassion to step in and stop it whenever you see it happening.

PGPosted March 5, 2013

They just featured the creator of this documentary on CNN. The plan is to get 1 Million students to watch the film. It is very powerful!

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