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Two couples meet for dinner to discuss their teenage sons. One couple, a political candidate and his long-time wife, chose an expensive, trendy restaurant much to the discomfort of the other couple-his brother and innocuous wife. Narrated by the perturbed brother, a straight-forward dinner begins to darken and disintegrate as he reveals events leading to this point and an ever growing internal darkness.

By dessert, when he starts to speak of how "other fathers" might have reacted, you are already queasy from digesting just what trouble their sons are in and where it will lead.

To say much more would ruin the impact of the novel's twisted view on contemporary society. Just be sure to guard your moral compass along the way....

Fans of Defending Jacob and Gone Girl will devour The Dinner.


Recommended by Nicola Bigley


ML in NORPosted April 11, 2013

after this review, and having read one online, this is definitely on my TO-READ shelf on goodreads now. Thanks!

PWPosted April 9, 2013

This sounds right up my alley.

Katie O.Posted April 5, 2013

I just finished reading this and enjoyed the plot. Although the Lohmans are Dutch, this is definitely something that could play out in an American city!

PWPosted April 5, 2013

Sounds good, I'm in for this.

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