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The Recession has afforded all of us the unique opportunity of improving our vocabularies: sequestration, one per center, and my newest favorite, schadenfreude, which is literally the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. I never would have considered myself guilty of such a folly; my thoughts tend to be Pollyanna-like when it comes to my well-being and others'. But after watching this film, I seemed to relish in the fact that sometimes "what goes around comes around."

In a fabulous mash-up between financial documentary and ridiculous reality show, director Lauren Greenfield takes us into the house (all 90,000 square feet of it) and lives of one of those one percent: time share mogul David Segel and his trophy wife Jackie. When production started, the family was on top of the world, living a Cinderella-type American dream built on (supposed) hard work. Classic rags to riches. Then the recession happens, and the layers are slowly peeled away. And you find out that even millionaires freak out when someone leaves all the lights in the house on.

Rarely has one cinematic experience packed so many emotions for me - I scoffed, I laughed out loud, I shed a few tears, I even rewound the last few minutes just to relive the giant anticlimax of and ending (that turns out to resonate more than I thought it would). Consider it an education of another kind. In a word: frugality.

Recommended by Jill Cluff


ChristianPosted June 8, 2013

One fabulously forthright review. A movie worth watching.

Katie O.Posted June 7, 2013

I just watched this a couple weeks ago. I almost felt sorry for these people, but taking a limo to McDonald's? OMG!

EJPosted June 7, 2013

This sounds fascinating! Thanks for the recommendation. Just added this to my hold list :)

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