If you think television is all trash and not worth watching anymore, or you can't find a show that is witty or relevant, I am happy to tell you you're wrong.

The first season of HBO's political drama, "The Newsroom," is a well-cast, beautifully-shot and smartly-written show about the daily workings of the average 24-7 Mega-Conglomerate World of Newscasters. Adults of all ages, particularly those who enjoy social and political commentary, will appreciate this show. The Newsroom is filled with interpersonal drama, complex love stories and contemporary politics, all delivered with machine-gun dialogue and a healthy dose of snark. It's funny, it's honest, and no party is safe from constructive criticism. I daresay all parties can finally agree on one thing: this show is excellent.

Writer Aaron Sorkin knocks this one out of the park - he was an Academy-Award winner for best writing for an adapted screenplay for "The Social Network" (2010). Besides "Boardwalk Empire," this is hands-down my favorite show in years--yes, more than "Game of Thrones" or "The Walking Dead." Every episode makes you think and hopefully, the big sensationalist broadcasters are taking notes.

Recommended by Matthew Lowder


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