Life is tough when you are a teenager. Add to that the fact that you smell like pizza, drive a truck with giant balls on top of it, and are forbidden to talk to the boy of your dreams because your parents are from rival pizza joints. Such is the life of Julie "Jules" Demarco in "Crash" (Visions Book One) by Lisa McMann. Jules has learned to accept her lot in life. She has realized that she will never be the most popular girl in school, nor does she want to be. She may not want to spend her evenings and weekends waiting tables at her parents' restaurant or worse yet, delivering pizzas, but she has a blast working with her brother and sister, Trey and Rowan, so that makes it all worthwhile. They have even found ways to deal with their dad's strange hoarding habits and their mother's practice of ignoring it all. This life may not work for everyone, but it works for Jules.

That is until the visions started. The first vision occurred on Christmas Day when Jules was at the movies with Rowan and Trey. When the image of a truck hitting a wall and exploding popped up on the screen where the "Please turn off your cell phones" screen should have been, Jules just rationalized that she was traumatized because she was recovering from being robbed while doing a delivery the day before.

However, as time progressed, the visions moved from simple still shots to full-blown "video clips" giving Jules more and more information. She can now identify what building the truck is hitting and she can see nine body bags lying in the snow. When she sees the face inside one of the body bags belongs to none other than Sawyer Angotti, the boy she is crushing on and son of the owners of Agnotti's Restaurant, her parents' self-proclaimed enemy, she realizes that things have gotten personal.

As the visions begin to increase in severity and rate, Jules starts to think that everything is happening for a reason. Should she tell someone? All of the information in the visions are pointing her in the direction that maybe she is supposed to do something to prevent this horrible tragedy from happening. But what? If she tells someone that she is having these visions will anyone believe her, especially with her crazy family history? Should she talk to Sawyer and try to convince him to watch his back? Jules is even more confused now than when the visions started. She just wants it all to go away.

"Crash" by Lisa McMann is one of those books that grabs you immediately and won't let go. Jules is a likeable character, and you could feel her emotional turmoil throughout the entire story. This was a fast-paced, compelling story that had a little bit of everything for every reader-suspense, romance, family rivalries, and a good dose of humor. All of the characters were well-developed and integral to the plot. You will find that you can't wait for "Bang" (Visions Book Two) to be released in the fall of 2013.

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Recommended by Brandy Walton


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