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Sick of listening to her boyfriend Evan's constant talk about his band the Do-Gooders, Audrey decides to dump him. As she walks out his door she hears him call out "Audrey, wait!" but ignores him and keeps walking. That night, the Do-Gooders perform their brand new song ‘Audrey, Wait'.  Soon the song gets picked up by local radio stations and in a matter of months is racing up the Billboard Top 100, the Do-Gooders are on MTV and Audrey has become an unwilling celebrity. She's the subject of online debates, websites are devoted to her, her family is besieged by the media and the paparazzi follow her every move.  As her notoriety grows Audrey finds herself falling for her quiet, shy co-worker James but will the prying eyes of the world prevent them from being together? Will Audrey agree to star in her own reality show?  Is her best friend Victoria starting to care more about the perks of fame than their friendship? Fast and fun, Audrey, Wait!  is the perfect summer read.


Recommended by Karen Peterman


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