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Kyra is thirteen years old and one of twenty siblings from her father and his three wives. Growing up in a polygamous cult, Kyra has been isolated from contemporary society but has had glimpses of the outside world through the books she secretly borrows from a bookmobile that travels past the edge of her compound weekly.  One night the leader of her sect, the Prophet, comes to her house and decrees that she is to be married to her sixty-something year old uncle. Despite the protests of her father and her secret boyfriend on her behalf, her fate appears to be sealed. Facing a life as the seventh wife of her own uncle and in spite of the threat of brutal recrimination if she does not comply, Kyra decides to risk it all to escape. Relying on her own strength and conviction and the help of the bookmobile driver, Patrick, Kyra attempts a harrowing escape that will leave the reader's heart pounding. Despite its short length (it's around 200 pages) The Chosen One is riveting and heartbreaking. Readers will remember Kyra long after the final page.

Recommended by Karen Peterman


RachelPosted July 9, 2009

As a Big Love fan, I'm sure I'd like this book!

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