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Maisie, Shakes, Kevin and Chris have always been the best of friends. After spending their 8th grade year in Wisconsin with her mother, Maisie returns to her old friends a young woman, complete with large breasts. Maisie is no longer just one of the guys. As she and Shakes spend more and more time together on the bus their friendship begins to develop into something more. Then one day there is an ‘incident' on the bus. Chris and Kevin ask to touch Maisie's breasts, she refuses but Shakes holds down her arms and the boys touch her anyway. Or so Maisie says. Soon nasty rumors about Maisie are spreading through the school and Maisie's lawyer stepmother is screaming lawsuit. As Maisie talks to her therapist about the incident a different story unfolds. With the trial looming closer Maisie can't remember which version of her story is the truth. Touch is a gripping story about sexual awakening, the changing nature of friendships and the consequences of lies.

Recommended by Karen Peterman


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