Directed by the great Ron Howard, "Rush" should have filled the tenth spot for Best Picture 2013 at the Oscars. Simply put: this was a stellar film about the real-life drama between two champion F-1 racers in the '70s -- Niki Louda, a German, and James Hunt, a Brit. What I loved so much is the way this two-hour film flew by. It was tightly written, character-driven, and shows that there isn't always a bad guy and a good guy in a movie. In "Rush" we are given complex portraits about different men who are anything but two-dimensional, having different things to gain and lose by putting it all on the line.

Told by a director who knows how to shoot amazing racing scenes and also get a lot from his actors, I was delighted that the story explored the difference between simply being enemies and being great rivals. Enemies don't respect each other, whereas rivals fuel one another toward greatness. If you liked the feeling you got from watching "Rocky," "The Fighter," or "Warrior," then "Rush" is a must-see.

Recommended by Matthew Lowder


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