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This is the most unique book I've read so far in 2014. Imagine dying young, choosing first to have your head chopped off and cryogenically frozen until a time where science can reattach your head to a donor body. Imagine five years later, you wake up. It happened. You're attached to a new body. Now, you're trying to get your old girlfriend back. And fitting back in at school and with your family. Your little siblings are older than you now. Yikes.

Firing on all cylinders, I appreciated how author John Whaley experimented with this book: an original sci-fi plot device to get the weird story started, the true-to-life teenage voices, and the perfectly flowing sentences. The language is spectacular, pitch-perfect for the content and the intended audience. This is good, contemporary YA that explores integrity, love, desire, and anger, all in an innovative way.  Overall, "Noggin" is not to be missed.

Recommended by Matthew Lowder


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