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There are some authors that I know when I read their books I will be changed in some way. Courtney Summers is one such author. Her stories are filled with conflict, questions, emotion, and real life characters. Each story has a hard-hitting topic that needs to be dealt with and characters that you can't decide if you love them or hate them. Summers' most recent work, Fall for Anything, did not fail to meet my expectations.

What happens to the people left behind when someone decides to take their own life? Why did they do it? How can the living move on? These are the questions that are raised in Fall for Anything. Seth Reeves, a legendary photographer who seemingly found inspiration in everything around him jumps from the roof of an abandoned warehouse leaving a note that tells seventeen-year-old Eddie and her mother, Robyn, that he loved them but had to leave. Eddie is having an increasingly hard time in dealing with her father's death. With her mother "checked out" and unable to deal with her own grief, Eddie must do some soul searching by herself and find a way to cope with being left behind.

Eddie finds herself sneaking to the warehouse where her father died in a nightly pilgrimage to find answers. All she finds is a sad and empty building and more questions. Didn't her father know how much he was loved? Why couldn't he be happy? What was he thinking as he took that last step off the roof? Her confusion grows until she meets Culler Evans one day at the warehouse.

Eddie finds out that Culler was working with her father as a protégé; one that she had never heard about. She begins to realize how little she truly knew about her father. However, her run in with Culler helps her to see that she is not the only one who misses her father and has been impacted by his death. Their shared loss stirs up special feelings for Culler that Eddie doesn't want to deal with.

When Culler shows Eddie that a series of photographs that her father had taken are numbered and labelled, the two set out on a quest to the desolate landscapes where her father took his last photos and find markings and messages left behind by him. Will these bits and pieces of information link together to give them the answers that they are seeking or will they only cause more heartache and grief?

This is a gripping coming of age story that deals with death and tragedy. Not only do we face the suicide of Eddie's father, but also the death of Eddie's innocence. The twists and turns that Eddie takes on her journey to find answers only leave more questions and confusion. I invite you to join her on her journey. It was one worth taking.

If you enjoy this book, you may want to try out other titles by Courtney Summers: Some Girls Are; Cracked Up to Be; and This is Not a Test.

Recommended by Brandy Walton


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