What would you do if after living the last 18 years of your life as a not-so-special, nothing-to-write-home-about, plain-Jane, you were offered the opportunity of a lifetime: become the Most Beautiful Woman in the World? So begins the story of Becky Randall.

Becky lives in a trailer park in East Trawley, Missouri with her 400-pound mother who never leaves the house but idolizes all things fashion and famous. Becky has always wondered about her mother's past and who her father is, but this is information that her mom kept private. Becky accepts all of this because she loves her mom unconditionally and knows that her mother feels the same. Having just graduated from high school, Becky's biggest plans for her future are to live with her mom and work at the local grocery store with her best friend, Rocher (yes, just like the little chocolate candies). However, the shocking and unexpected death of Becky's mom puts a future in motion that is nothing like Becky could have ever planned.

When she finds a phone number for Tom Kelley, fashion icon, she makes a call that gets her on a plane headed for New York City. Tom promises to design three dresses for Becky that will turn her into the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. There's a catch, however. She has to fall in love and marry within one year. Becky agrees because, hey, what does she have to lose?! And so, Rebecca is born. The story that takes place is the classic Cinderella tale turned topsy-turvy!

Author Paul Rudnick does a great job of allowing the reader to suspend their reality long enough to accept this crazy tale. It is filled with fantasy, satire, snarky characters, and enough twists to keep you reading. Although it is a little slow to start, I recommend that you hang in for the long haul as this book had me laughing out loud in some places and shocked and saddened in others.

Gorgeous is a fun Young Adult read that will have anyone questioning "Is the grass really greener on the other side?" If you enjoy stepping into someone else's shoes, you can read other stories about struggles with body-image, self-esteem and the drastic measures that some people will go through to be liked.

Other books you may enjoy include: DUFF by Kody Keplinger; Pretty Face by Mary Hogan; Skinny by Donna Cooner; and Butter by Erin Jade Lange.


Recommended by Brandy Walton


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