As the title of this whimsical book suggests, water can be many things. In the follow-up to Laura Purdie Salas' book "A Leaf Can Be...," this story takes on the various roles that water plays in Earth's ecology. Water, in its many forms and stages, is an integral part of all living things. Combining substantial scientific information with lyrical prose and magical illustrations, this book is a must-have for students and teachers!

"Water Can Be..." takes readers on a journey through the changing seasons, hinting at the ways water influences nature. Direct scientific information is shared in short rhyming verse. The gentle and inviting illustrations provide integral picture clues to the reader, illuminating young children's ability to learn how water can be a "tadpole hatcher" or a "woodchuck warmer." Contained within this beautiful story are lessons on the water cycle, insulation, states of matter, and animal habitats. The last few pages of the book include informative paragraphs about each topic covered in the story, to further explain the science behind the prose. There is a glossary including words like "condense" and "water vapor," as well as a suggested reading list.

This story will provoke young imaginations and scientific thinking, while simultaneously engaging the senses. Recommended for children in grades pre-K through 2, "Water Can Be..." is also an excellent teaching tool with endless interdisciplinary possibilities.

Recommended by Jennifer Carter


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