Sometimes you feel like you were born in the wrong time period. All the exciting parts of the earth have been discovered, you tell yourself. The pyramids, the great expanse of Antarctica, the Aztec temples. What's left? But then you remember that the majority of the planet is covered in water and we've barely begun to discover all the sub-aquatic species and treasures that might be there. While nearly every inch of land has been claimed by men and their flags, never forget: there is a world of submerged histories yet to be explored.

"Meet Me in Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest to Find the Sunken City" is a reality show in a book - a serious, modern day treasure hunt swirled in fact and myth. Fans of Indiana Jones' Last Crusade, Bill Bryson's humor, and globe-trotting will enjoy this one. From the clues of Greek philosopher Plato, author Mark Adams has written an enthralling travelogue, bouncing from city to city, expert to expert, using science, technology, and good old-fashioned interviews to unravel the mysteries of the legendary sunken city, Atlantis. While researching cataclysmic events and ancient civilizations dating back over 2000 years, Mark posits some interesting connections here. The one negative is, at times, there's an abundance of detail and "info-dumping" in sections which not everyone may find insightful. Regardless, given the short nature of the book, this small negative rarely slows the pacing or makes the journey a chore.

Professional and amateur explorers have been after Atlantis for decades, and this is surely not the last book to be written on the subject. National Geographic has an excellent documentary called "Finding Atlantis" on DVD. CCPL has that, too. Don't miss these if you're into myths, legends, or speculative history.



Recommended by Matthew Lowder


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